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How does it work? 

In basic terms the sealer crawls down inside of the concrete, chasing the water we forced into the concrete and creates a gel when it reacts with the alkalinity of the concrete.

Put a bit more technically:

SealRx is an internal, sub-surface, molecular bonding waterproofing solution that works within the concrete.  It’s not a coating that can be worn off or abraised from the concrete.  It’s inside the concrete and forms a colloidal silicate gel membrane within the concrete that disallows the migration of moisture.

Additionally, it’s the only sealer that we are aware of then can re-activate itself, if it becomes dehydrated.  This should only happen in super-heated conditions, it could be a nice feature in rare occurrences.

How is it applied?

SealRx is applied to concrete after it has been power washed to clean and inject water into the existing concrete.  The SealRx is then sprayed on with an airless sprayer and applied twice to insure coverage and proper amount of sealer for the concrete surface.

Why is this sealer different from topical/surface sealers?

SealRx is a penetrating sealer that has had documented penetration of up to 14” vertically.  It is because of this deep penetration INTO the concrete, and becoming part of the concrete that will not allow SealRx to be worn off or away by the elements, like other sealers that simply lie on the top of the concrete, and are subjected to rain, sun, chemicals, and other elements that remove them over time.  SealRx will not flush out of the concrete either!

How does this compare to other penetrating sealers?

There are many sealers on the market that say they “penetrate” however you will find that most of these have only a tiny fraction of an inch of penetration when it comes down reading their specifications (specs).  A typical application of SealRx on a driveway will penetrate your 4” concrete driveway (typically) 2 or 3 inches, depending on the concrete porosity.

What does the 25-year warranty cover?

The SealRx warranty is on the seal itself.  If on the rare occasion your concrete is sealed by SealRx and you would see additional damage or deterioration, we will re-seal, and this warranty is backed by the manufacturer and the distributor, so your install would not be paying for additional sealer.  Labor is up to the installer, but we encourage them to install for no charge.  It is impossible to know what is going on inside your concrete without a core sample.  We make educated decisions based on what we can see with your concrete at the surface.  Client input on the history and performance of the concrete is important.  We do our best to advise if sealing will extend the life of the concrete or advising if replacement is required.

Why are only authorized installers able to apply?

The warranty is the biggest reason only authorized installers apply the SealRx product.  Training is required to learn and understand the products and processes required to properly install the SealRx Concrete Sealer.  Additionally, homeowners lack the equipment required to install the product properly in nearly all cases.

How long before I can use my driveway?

You can typically return your driveway to use in 1-2 hours.  Because of the penetrating nature of the SealRx formulation, it is “crawling” down into the depths of your concrete, and finding the voids to fill and gel with for up to 72 hours.  However, you will not disturb it at the surface by driving on, or even with rain or thunderstorms going on at the concrete surface.

What color is the sealer?

While the sealer generally turns to a clear, or opaque white gel, it doesn’t matter because the sealer is “inside” you concrete.  In some cases, due to the chemical makeup of the concrete, you may see an ever so slight darkening of the concrete.  The net total changed of the color of your driveway will be much lighter, as we will powerwash the driveway prior to installation, and you will see years of mold, pollens, dirt, etc. being removed from your concrete.

Can the sealer be colored or tinted?  The sealer cannot be tinted in any way to color driveways.  However, after the SealRx has been installed if you wish to stain your driveway to enhance its color you may do so, and the stain should last longer and perform better, as you concrete is much more of a solid, and less porous than it was prior to the SealRx installation.

How long does it last?  SealRx is really a permanent sealer, and has never been know to flush out or fail, since it was invented and put into worldwide us in the mid 1980’s.  We feel very confident that it will perform, therefore we give it the 25-year warranty.